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Theme: Informal Economy
Program(s): Law & Informality
Occupational Group(s): Street Vendors
Region(s): South Africa ; Sub-Saharan Africa
South África Street Vendors Defy City Trading Ban Grocott's Mail . (11 December 2014)
By Dayimani, Malibongwe .

Thabiso Ntjolo, from Lesotho, and two of his compatriots Mohlatsi Letopo and Motlatsi 'Junior' Mava have been trading at the side of a busy intersection between Bathurst and Beaufort streets since 2010. According to Ntjolo, Makana Traffic cops come at least three times a month to confiscate their stock or pay fines of R300 to retain it.

South África Cop Could be Forced to Pay for Confiscated Sandals News 24 . (26 November 2014)

An eThekwini metro police officer who confiscated 25 pairs of rubber and plastic sandals from a street trader could find herself paying thousands of rands in legal fees.


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South África Court Rules in Favor of Johanesburg Street Traders . (11 December 2013)

As a result of Johannesburg's “Clean Sweep” initiative, launched in October 2013, as many as 6000 traders (and an estimated 30,000 dependents) were left without a source of income for rent, food, transportation and school-related expenses.


On 5th December, 2013 the Constitutional Court ruled that traders represented in a court case could return to work until the full case against the city of Johannesburg can be tried at court.