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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Waste Pickers
Region(s): East Asia & Southeast Asia ; Philippines
Philippines QC gov't wants to regulate junk shops. MB . (9 August 2017)
By Chavez, Chito A..

The Quezon City government has gathered at least 700 recyclers in a series of forums to support the city government's goal of achieving "Zero Litter sa QC Project."

By Akira , Kodaka.

The Payatas district in Quezon City, Metro Manila, has been called the city's "second Smokey Mountain" -- a huge mound of refuse from which many scavengers scrape out a meager income.

Philippines Dumpsite closure affects Oro scavengers' livelihood. Sunstar . (19 April 2017)
By F. Orias, Pamela Jay.

Despite the help offered by the City Government, residents of Cagayan de Oro City affected by the open dumpsite closure in Barangay Carmen cannot hide their worry on how to earn money for food supplies.

Philippines The mountain of garbage that blights the Philippine capital. Nikkei Asian Review . (30 March 2017)
By Endo, Jun.

The trash heap provided livelihoods for thousands of people, but the problems that created it remain unsolved.

Philippines Black Nazarene image in a pushcart paraded to remind devotees not to litter. Republic of Philippines . (5 January 2017)

"The pushcart is typically used by informal waste recyclers to collect recyclables from our neighborhoods.  It is a tangible symbol of our effort as humans to deal with our discards in an environmentally-sound way via recycling.

By Escalante, Shirley.

It may be one of the most unattractive sources of livelihood, but scavenging through garbage is what has provided Richard Lluz and his family with a better life. 

Philippines Calls for trash-less 'Traslacion' fell on deaf ears - EcoWaste Manila Bulletin . (10 January 2016)
By A. Chavez, Chito.

The EcoWaste Coalition commended the "army of street sweepers" deployed by the City Government of Manila and the Metro Manila Development Authority and the hundreds of volunteers from a number of parishes and schools, as well as the numerous waste pickers who worked hard to manage the massive fiesta trash.

Philippines Rich pickings for Philippine scavengers during festive season Channel News Asia . (26 December 2015)
By Lowe, Aya.

Sambayanan Cooperative removes the hazards by teaching women how to upcycle donated materials, such as old paper. Leticia Reyes has worked with the cooperative for 14 years. Before this, she was a scavenger, earning only 100 pesos a day, or barely US$2. Now she receives almost double the amount per month, without the risks.

Philippines Zero waste groups back environmentally-sound management of WEEE Eco-business . (4 June 2015)

Zero waste groups led by the EcoWaste Coalition signified their support for a strong regulation that will promote the environmentally-sound management (ESM) of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), reputedly "the fastest growing waste stream globally."

Philippines Zambo dumpsite to be converted into an ecopark Minda News . (8 April 2015)

The city government is set to convert into an ecological part (ecopark) this city's controlled dumpsite in Barangay Lumbangan.