Solid waste management in Latin America: The role of micro- and small enterprises and cooperatives
Lardinois, I., J. Arroyo Moreno and F. Rivas Rios.
January, 1999
Place of Publication:
Gouda, The Netherlands
Publication Type:

Abstract: This publication is the result of a survey of eighty-nine micro-enterprises and cooperatives in seven countries in Latin America (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Paraguay and Peru) about their solid waste management activities. The survey aimed to find out how they were organized, what services they provided, what technology they used, how efficient they were, and what their costs were and how they were covered. The study also aimed to help in identifying the basic conditions that are required for establishing successful projects. One of the most striking findings of the study is that more than a million urban poor now have their garbage collected through micro-enterprises. The publication first appeared in Spanish in October 1997.

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