Rising from the Waste– Organising Wastepickers in India, Thailand and the Philippines
Chikarmane, Poornima and Laxmi Narayan.
January, 2009
Committee for Asian Women
Publication Type:
Research Paper

This study looks at organisations of waste pickers in India, Thailand, and Philippines. Most of the organisations included in this study function as cooperatives, or help the members in establishing cooperatives. In India, the associations negotiate contracts on waste management with municipal government and private actors. Some of the associations are entirely market driven. These associations also provide members with ID cards and help in access to credit. One of the organisations is a registered trade union, and while it also functions as a cooperative, it focuses a lot on promoting the identification of waste pickers as workers, and defending their rights as workers. In Thailand, most of the organisations are built on personal relationships between the members, and function as cooperatives or private companies. In Philippines, associations of waste pickers have promoted their members importance in protecting the environment. This has improved the status of waste pickers and encouraged businesses and civic organisations to support community based waste management programs. Waste pickers in Philippines have also formed cooperatives and negotiated contracts with municipal government and gated communities

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