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Chen, Marty. September, 2019 Technology & The Future Of Informal Work: Insights from India, Peru and South Africa.
WIEGO. July, 2019 Abstract: A 21st Century Social Contract for Informal Workers: An Enabling Policy Environment, Legal & Social Protections and Public Services Through Collective Bargaining.
Chen, Marty. April, 2019 Informality as THE Way Of Urban Life: Perspectives from the Urban Informal Workforce.
Vanek, Joann. April, 2019 Why Cities? Informality as a way of Life.
March, 2019 Agenda- FES Side Event- CSW63- 11 March 2019.
March, 2019 Agenda- Informality as a Way of Life: Challenges to Sustainable Urban Development (UPenn Round-table Discussion).
WIEGO. March, 2019 Biography of Attendees from the WIEGO Network- Sharing Workshop on Informal Workers, Hanoi.
Chen, Marty. December, 2018 WIEGO GA 2018 Keynote address transcript.
Roever, Sally. December, 2018 WIEGO Programme Objectives and Highlights 2014-18.
WIEGO. December, 2018 Empowering Informal Workers, Securing Informal Livelihoods: Overview of WIEGO’s 5-Year Plan.