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Agarwala, Rina. November, 2017 Informal Workers and the Indian State.
March, 2019 Agenda- FES Side Event- CSW63- 11 March 2019.
March, 2019 Agenda- Informality as a Way of Life: Challenges to Sustainable Urban Development (UPenn Round-table Discussion).
Aita, Samir. May, 2017 Informal Employment in the Arab Countries: Realities and Rights.
Ansah, Dorcas and Laura Alfers. May, 2011 Ghana Country Presentation.
Barrett, Jane. June, 2018 Making ILO Recommendation a Reality in South Africa.
Bediako, Grace. March, 2011 Measuring Informality.
Benson, Emily. February, 2016 Informal Economies and the Green Economy.
Berrios, Mario. March, 2013 Shifting enterprises from Informal to Formal activities.
Bery, Suman. March, 2011 Informality and Development.