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Chen, Marty. December, 2018 WIEGO GA 2018 Keynote address transcript.
Chen, Marty. June, 2014 Women's Informal Enterprises: Risks and Constraints.
Clos, Joan. April, 2015 Opening Statement at Second session of the Preparatory Committee for Habitat III.
Cook, Sarah. April, 2007 Session 1 - Background, Goals, and Framework of Project.
Cook, Sarah and Marty Chen. April, 2007 Session 1 - China and India: Comparative Overview.
Dias, Sonia. November, 2014 A Gender Perspective on Recycling.
Dias, Sonia. November, 2018 ILO Gender and Formalization Presentation.
Dias, Sonia. March, 2011 Research Gaps - Waste Pickers.
Dias, Sonia. January, 2018 Waste & Citizenship Forum: ‘New Politics of Public Policy’ ?.
Dias, Sonia. November, 2017 Waste and Citizenship Forum: New Politics of Public Policy?.