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Chen, Martha. July, 2015 From India to Connecticut College and Back.
Chen, Martha. October, 2012 Informal Labor & Development: The way forward.
Chen, Martha. November, 2016 Informality & development: an inclusive approach.
Chen, Martha. February, 2015 Keynote: Home-Based Workers: A Global Picture.
Chen, Martha. October, 2008 Measuring Informal Employment in Developed Countries: Welcoming Remarks.
Chen, Martha. October, 2015 Technology & the Future of Informal Work: Case Studies from India and South Africa.
Chen, Martha. April, 2006 Urbanization and Informalization: A Global Picture.
Chen, Martha. December, 2017 Wiego at 20.
Chen, Martha. November, 2017 WIEGO Research on Informal Employment: Key Methods, Indicators and Findings.
Chen, Martha. February, 2016 Women’s Empowerment in Emerging India.