Publications & Resources: Student Dissertations / Research Papers

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Acosta, Imee C. and Alexander S. Acosta. July, 2013 In Pain and in Wail: A phenomenology of the abuses of the Filipino Domestic Workers, Qatar.
Bajpai, Shruti. November, 2015 Bhav (Expression).
Broatch, Hannah. January, 2015 Housing for construction workers in Ahmedabad, India : is it possible to design sufficient housing for construction workers?.
Fenyves, Kátia Queiroz. January, 2015 What is the room for gender-sensitive policies in African urban development?.
Gangopadhyay, Jagriti. June, 2014 Women and Trade Unions in the Informal Sector.
Horber, Jens. November, 2017 The Right to a 'World Class City'?: Street Trading, Public Space and Urban Governance in the Cape Town City Centre.
Huegel, Christoph Peter. November, 2013 Skarreling for Scrap: a case study of informal waste recycling at the Coastal Park landfill in Cape Town.
Matenga, Luckymore. May, 2018 Towards Sustainable Livelihoods: Trends and Survival Strategies Used in Street Vending in Masvingo, Zimbabwe.
Mendelsohn, Martin. October, 2015 Space, place and belonging: informal trading in and around Congolenses market, Luanda, Angola.
Nilsson, Malin. May, 2015 Taking work home: Labour dynamics of women industrial homeworkers in Sweden during the second industrial revolution.