Publications & Resources: Student Dissertations / Research Papers

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Acosta, Imee C. and Alexander S. Acosta. July, 2013 In Pain and in Wail: A phenomenology of the abuses of the Filipino Domestic Workers, Qatar.
Bajpai, Shruti. November, 2015 Bhav (Expression).
Broatch, Hannah. January, 2015 Housing for construction workers in Ahmedabad, India : is it possible to design sufficient housing for construction workers?.
Fenyves, Kátia Queiroz. January, 2015 What is the room for gender-sensitive policies in African urban development?.
Gangopadhyay, Jagriti. June, 2014 Women and Trade Unions in the Informal Sector.
Huegel, Christoph Peter. November, 2013 Skarreling for Scrap: a case study of informal waste recycling at the Coastal Park landfill in Cape Town.
Mendelsohn, Martin. October, 2015 Space, place and belonging: informal trading in and around Congolenses market, Luanda, Angola.
Nilsson, Malin. May, 2015 Taking work home: Labour dynamics of women industrial homeworkers in Sweden during the second industrial revolution.
Pla, Marie. January, 2016 Municipal Solid Waste Management in Beijing.
Ramusch, Roland. November, 2015 Measuring Informality? Challenges in Quantifying Informal Recycling Sector Activities.