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Abizaid, Olga. August, 2015 ARB: Fighting for an Inclusive Model for Recycling in Bogota.
Abizaid, Olga. November, 2011 Finding a Collective Voice to Become Visible: The Creation of the RENAREC.
Alfers, Laura. November, 2012 A case study from Ghana of good practice in developing OHS for informal workers.
Apolitical. July, 2018 Cross-border care: how to protect migrants in domestic work.
Asiye eTafuleni. May, 2010 Report on The Warwick Junction Cleaning Campaign.
Bhabha, Jacqueline. March, 2013 Technical Note from 2013 Law Exposure Dialogue Programme.
Bineesha, Payattati. January, 2009 Formalization of Informal E-Waste Recycling unit – Bangalore Case Study.
Buvnic, Mayra, Tanvi Jaluka and Megan O'Donnell. October, 2017 SEWA Gitanjali Cooperative: A Social Enterprise in the Making.
Cardoso Silva, Vera Alice. December, 2012 Negotiating the Recycling Bonus Law: Waste Pickers and Collective Bargaining in Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Chengappa, Chaya. March, 2013 Organizing Informal Waste Pickers: A Case Study of Bengaluru, India.