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Abizaid, Olga. August, 2015 ARB: Fighting for an Inclusive Model for Recycling in Bogota.
Abizaid, Olga. November, 2011 Finding a Collective Voice to Become Visible: The Creation of the RENAREC.
Alfers, Laura. November, 2012 A case study from Ghana of good practice in developing OHS for informal workers.
Apolitical. July, 2018 Cross-border care: how to protect migrants in domestic work.
Bhabha, Jacqueline. March, 2013 Technical Note from 2013 Law Exposure Dialogue Programme.
Bineesha, Payattati. January, 2009 Formalization of Informal E-Waste Recycling unit – Bangalore Case Study.
Buvnic, Mayra, Tanvi Jaluka and Megan O'Donnell. October, 2017 SEWA Gitanjali Cooperative: A Social Enterprise in the Making.
Cardoso Silva, Vera Alice. December, 2012 Negotiating the Recycling Bonus Law: Waste Pickers and Collective Bargaining in Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Chengappa, Chaya. March, 2013 Organizing Informal Waste Pickers: A Case Study of Bengaluru, India.
Chikarmane, Poornima and Laxmi Narayan. January, 2005 Organising the Unorganised: A Case Study of the Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat (Trade Union of Waste-pickers).