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April, 2019 Accra: Market Trader, Street Vendor & Headload Porter Health & Safety.
April, 2019 Accra: Waste Picker Health & Safety.
April, 2019 Ahmedabad: Home-based Worker Health & Safety.
Bonner, Chris, Martha Chen, Sonia Dias, Karin Pape, Sally Roever, Shalini Sinha, Caroline Skinner and Elizabeth Tang. May, 2015 Myths & Facts about the Informal Economy and Workers in the Informal Economy.
Chen, Martha. January, 2006 Garment Makers.
Chen, Martha A. August, 2013 WIEGO Manifesto.
June, 2007 Construction: Employment and Output Dimensions.
October, 2012 Cooperativa Recicla Ourinhos (English).
November, 2014 Developing Leadership and Business Skills for Informal Women Workers in Fair Trade.
Dias, Sonia and Ana Carolina Ogando. November, 2018 Components of a Healthy and Dignified Life.