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International Labour Organization (ILO). June, 2019 Organizing Informal Workers into Trade Unions - A trade union guide.
WIEGO. December, 2018 WIEGO Publications Catalogue 2018.
Reed, Sarah Orleans. September, 2017 แรงงานนอกระบบในกรุงเทพฯ: การพิจารณานโยบายสำหรับผู้กำหนดนโยบาย.
Reed, Sarah Orleans, Ana Carolina Ogando, Poonsap Suanmuang Tulaphan, Chidchanok Samantrakul and Pannee Towakulpanich. September, 2017 Informal Workers in Bangkok, Thailand: Scan of Four Occupational Sectors.
Reed, Sarah Orleans. September, 2017 Informal Workers in Bangkok: Considerations for Policymakers.
Loayza, Norman. October, 2016 A Toolkit for Informality Scenario Analysis.
Dias, Sonia Maria. August, 2016 Executive Summary: Selective Waste Management and Waste Pickers’ Organizations: Indicators and Sustainability Indices.
Dias, Sonia Maria and Ana Carolina Ogando. March, 2016 Theoretical Considerations on Gender, Empowerment and Waste.
Chen, Martha. November, 2015 Women in Informal Employment.
Alfers, Laura. April, 2015 WIEGO Child Care Initiative Literature Review.