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Alfers, Laura. April, 2015 WIEGO Child Care Initiative Literature Review.
Azzarello, Stefania, Jennifer Fish, Sylvia Günther, Lisa-Marie Heimeshoff, Claire Hobden, Maren Kirchhoff and Helen Schwenken. May, 2014 "We want to be the protagonists of our own stories!".
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Chan, Man-Kwun. July, 2011 Review of Value Chain Analyses in the Commodities and Horticulture Sectors.
November, 2003 Checklist of good practices for mainstreaming gender in labour statistics.
Chen, Martha. November, 2015 Women in Informal Employment.
Churchill, Craig and Michal Matul. May, 2012 Protecting the Poor: A Microinsurance Compendium: Volume II.
Dias, Sonia Maria. August, 2016 Executive Summary: Selective Waste Management and Waste Pickers’ Organizations: Indicators and Sustainability Indices.