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Reed, Sarah Orleans. September, 2017 Informal Workers in Bangkok: Considerations for Policymakers.
January, 1993 Resolution Concerning Statistics of Employment in the Informal Sector.
October, 1982 Resolution Concerning Statistics of the Economically Active Population, Employment, Unemployment and Underemployment.
January, 1993 Resolution Concerning the International Classification of Status in Employment (ICSE).
October, 1998 Resolution Concerning the Measurement of Employment-related Income.
October, 1998 Resolution Concerning the Measurement of Underemployment and Inadequate Employment Situations.
Smith, Alastair. March, 2011 Fair and Ethical Trade: An Explanation.
WIEGO. December, 2018 WIEGO Publications Catalogue 2018.
Wilson, David, Andrew Whiteman and Angela Tormin. June, 2011 Strategic Planning Guide for Municipal Solid Waste Management.