Publications & Resources: Advocacy Materials

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ILO, . January, 2016 ILO Resources on Domestic Work - Catalogue.
ILO, . May, 2016 Minimum Wage Policy Guide.
ILO. May, 2012 Proposed Recommendation Concerning National Floors of Social Protection.
Inclusive Cities. September, 2012 Informal Workers at WUF6 Call for More Inclusive Urban Planning Practices.
March, 2018 Infographic - Delhi Focal City.
International Domestic Workers Network (IDWN), . January, 2012 IDWN Solidarity Note to Domestic Workers and Cleaners in Netherlands.
International Domestic Workers' Network (IDWN), . June, 2011 Myths & Realities About Domestic Workers: What THEY Say and What WE Say.
International Labour Conference (ILC), . January, 2002 Workers in the Informal Economy: Platform of Issues.
International Labour Organization (ILO), . January, 2008 Nous, les travailleuses domestiques-employees de maison - revendiquons le respect.
International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), . November, 2006 Interview with Renana Jhabvala of SEWA: The ITUC Must Encourage Organising of Informal Workers.