Publications & Resources: Advocacy Materials

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Trade Union of the Self-Employed and Informal Workers, and HomeNet Eastern Europe. June, 2016 Declaration of Home-Based Workers - Sofia, June 2016.
UNIFEM, . January, 2002 Empowering Women Migrant Workers in Asia: A Briefing Kit.
April, 2016 United Nations Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment: Framing Paper.
Von Broembsen, Marlese and Martha Chen. September, 2016 Eliminating Legal Barriers from the Perspective of the Informal Economy.
WIEGO, . May, 2017 Quality Public Child Care for all Workers! (for India - print).
WIEGO, . October, 2013 Conducting a Policy Dialogue to Achieve Results.
WIEGO, . May, 2016 Decent Work for Homeworkers in Global Supply Chains Platform of Demands .
WIEGO, . February, 2015 Global Action Plan of Home-Based Workers.
WIEGO, . October, 2016 Implementing the New Urban Agenda.
WIEGO, . March, 2015 Plan de acción global de los trabajadores y las trabajadoras a domicilio.