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November, 2017 A conversation with Renana Jhabvala on securing women’s economic rights in the informal economy.
November, 2017 Agenda: Towards Self-Reliance: Poor Women in Changing India.
Alfers, Laura. December, 2011 Occupational Health and Safety & Domestic Work.
Alter Chen, Martha. December, 2016 Expanding the Economic Potential of the Women Informal Workers.
April, 2016 Barcelona Declaration for Habitat III - "Public Spaces".
Bonner, Chris. November, 2016 Evaluation Report: ITF Informal Transport Workers Project 2013-2016.
Chen, Martha and Sally Roever. September, 2016 Enhancing the Productivity of Own Account Enterprises from the Perspective of Women in the Informal Economy.
Chen, Marty. August, 2011 Supporting Urban Livelihoods, Reducing Urban Poverty.
November, 2017 Chiang Rai City: Inclusive Urban Development for Informal Workers.
Chobtham, Rewat. September, 2018 Open Letter from President of Network of Thai Street Vendors.