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Brown, Alison. .  "Requiem for Stability: Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the World's Working Poor."  International Planning Studies,  Vol. 15,  Issue No. 3.
Brown, Alison, Michal Lyons and Ibrahima Dankoco. .  "Street Traders and the Emerging Spaces for Urban Voice and Citizenship in African Cities."  Urban Studies,  Vol. 47,  Issue No. 3.
Bruhn, Miriam and David McKenzie. .  "Entry Regulation and the Formalization of Microenterprises in Developing Countries."  The World Bank Research Observer,  Vol. 29,  Issue No. 2.
Bruhn, Miriam. .  "License to Sell: The Effect of Business Registration Reform on Entrepreneurial Activity in Mexico."  The Review of Economics and Statistics,  Vol. 93,  Issue No. 1.
Burchielli, Rosaria, Donna Buttigieg and Annie Delaney. .  "Organizing Homeworkers: The Use of Mapping as an Organizing Tool."  Work, Employment and Society,  Vol. 22,  Issue No. 1.
Burte, Himanshu. .  "Intentions, Design and Outcomes: Reflections on IHSDP in Maharashtra."  Economic and Political Weekly,  Vol. 49,  Issue No. 22.
Cai, Fang, Yang Du and Yue Qu. .  "Labour Market Vulnerability in Urban China."  The Indian Journal of Labour Economics,  Vol. 56,  Issue No. 4.
Carey, Patricia M.. .  "Ground Reality: Martha Alter Chen is a Champion of Forgotten Workers Around the World."  Connecticut College Magazine,  Vol. Winter 2013,
Carr, Marilyn, Martha Chen and Jane Tate. .  "Globalization and Homebased Workers."  Feminist Economics,  Vol. 6,  Issue No. 3.
Carré, Françoise, Chris Tilly and Chris Bonner. .  "International Informal Worker Organizations:Transforming the World of Unprotected Work."  Perspectives on Work,  Vol. 16,