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Bandyopadhyay, Ritajyoti. .  "Politics of archiving: hawkers and pavement dwellers in Calcutta.."  Dialectical Anthropology,  Vol. 35,  Issue No. 3.
Banks, Nicola. .  "Youth poverty, employment and livelihoods: social and economic implications of living with insecurity in Arusha, Tanzania."  Environment and Urbanization ,  Vol. 28,  Issue No. 2.
Bargain, Olivier and Prudence Kwenda. .  "Earnings Structures, Informal Employment, and Self-Employment: New Evidence from Brazil, Mexico, and South Africa."  The Review of Income and Wealth,  Vol. 57,  Issue No. s1.
Barnes, Jeb. .  "The Diffusion of Rights: From Law on the Books to Organizational Rights Practices."  Law & Society Review,  Vol. 40,  Issue No. 3.
Barrientos, Stephanie. .  "'Labour Chains': Analysing the Role of Labour Contractors in Global Production Networks."  Brooks World Poverty Institute Working Papers,  Vol. 153,
Barten, Francoise, Vilma Sousa Santana, Larama Rongo, Walter Varillas and Trevino A Pakasi. .  "Contextualising workers’ health and safety in urban settings: The need for a global perspective and an integrated approach."  Habitat International,  Vol. 32,  Issue No. 2.
Barten, Françoise, Suzanne Fustukian and Sylvia de Haan. .  "The Occupational Health Needs of Workers: The Need for A New International Approach."  Social Justice,  Vol. 23,  Issue No. 4.
Bartone, C.. .  "The Value in Wastes."  Decade Watch ,
Baruah, Bipasha. .  "Earning their keep and keeping what they earn: A critique of organizing strategies for South Asian women in the informal sector."  Gender, Work and Organization,  Vol. 11,  Issue No. 6.
Baruah, Bipasha. .  "Gender and Globalization: Opportunities and Constraints Faced by Women in the Construction Industry in India."  Labor Studies Journal,  Vol. 35,  Issue No. 2.