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Anjaria, Jonathan Shapiro. .  "Street Hawkers and Public Space in Mumbai."  Economic and Political Weekly,
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Ashenazy, Philippe, Jean-Baptiste Berry, Françoise Carré, Sophie Prunier-Poulmaire and Chris Tilly. .  "Working in Large Food Retailers in France and the USA: The Key Role of Institutions."  Work Employment & Society ,  Vol. 26,  Issue No. 4.
Asmin, Muhammad, Syeda Batool and Muhammad Chaudhry. .  "Scavengers and Their Role in the Recycling of Waste in Southwestern Lahore."  Resources, Conservation and Recycling,  Vol. 58,
Assaad, Marie and Judith Bruce.  "Empowering the Next Generation: The Girls of the Maqattam Garbage Settlement."  SEEDS,  Vol. 19,
Auler, F, AT Nakashima and RK Cuman. .  "Health Conditions of Recyclable Waste Pickers."  Journal of Community Health,
Avotri, Joyce Yaa and Vivienne Walters. .  "``You just look at our work and see if you have any freedom on earth'': Ghanaian women's accounts of their work and their health."  Social Science and Medicine,  Vol. 48,  Issue No. 9.