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 "A Proposal to Prevent Offshoring: An Analysis of the Latest Anti-Offshoring Proposals ."  Journal of International Business & Law,  Vol. 11,  Issue No. 4.
Abrol, Dinesh and Ankush Gupta. .  "Understanding the diffusion modes of grassroots innovations in India: A study of Honey Bee Network supported innovators."  African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development,  Vol. 6,  Issue No. 6.
Absar, S. S.. .  "Health Hazards and Labour Laws in Bangladesh: A Narrative-based Study on Women Garment Workers."  Asian Journal of Social Science,  Vol. 31,  Issue No. 3.
Abzug, Rikki. .  "The Non-profit Sector and the Informal Sector: A Theoretical Perspective."  Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Non-profit Organizations,  Vol. 10,  Issue No. 2.
Adaawen, Stephen A. and Stig H. Jorgensen. .  "Eking out a living: the livelihood implications of urban space regulation on street hawking in Accra, Ghana."  African Review of Economics and Finance,  Vol. 3,  Issue No. 2.
Adato, Michelle, Francie Lund and Phakama Mhlongo. .  "Methodological innovations in research on the dynamics of poverty: a longitudinal study in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa."  World Development,  Vol. 35,  Issue No. 2.
Agarwala, Rina. .  "An Economic Sociology of Informal Work: The Case of India."  Research in the Sociology of Work,  Vol. 18,
Agarwala, Rina. .  "India's Informal Workers and Social Protection."  India in Transition,
Agarwala, Rina. .  "Reshaping the social contract: emerging relations between the state and informal labor in India."  Theory and Society,  Vol. 37,  Issue No. 4.
Agarwala, Rina. .  "Resistance and Compliance in the Age of Globalization: Indian Women and Labor Organizations."  Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science,  Vol. 610,  Issue No. 1.