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Alcântara, André, Francisco Comaru, Geilson Sampaio, Luciana Itikawa, Luiz Kohara and Maria Carolina Ferro. .  Street Vendors and the Right to the City.  Brazil:  Gaspar Garcia Centre for Human Rights.
Ally, Shireen. .  From Servants to Workers: South African Domestic Workers and the Democratic State.  Cornell University Press.
Armando, Emiliana, Arianna Bove and Annalisa Murgia. .  Mapping Precariousness, Labour Insecurity and Uncertain Livelihoods.  Routledge.
Asian Development Bank, . .  A Handbook on Using the Mixed Survey for Measuring Informal Employment and the Informal Sector.  Mandaluyong City, Philippines:  Asian Development Bank.
Avirgan, Tony, ed, L. Josh Bivens, ed and Sarah Gammage, ed. .  Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, No Jobs: Labor Markets and Informal Work in Egypt, El Salvador, India, Russia, and South Africa.  Washington, D.C.:  Economic Policy Institute.
Bacchetta, Marc, Ekkehard Ernst and Juana P. Bustamante. .  Globalization And Informal Jobs In Developing Countries.  Geneva:  International Labour Organization and World Trade Organization.