1 April 2014
New Report Outlines Priorities to Address Africa’s Youth Employment Challenge
The World Bank

 A new World Bank report, Youth Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa, found that most young people in Africa will seek work in the informal economy.

“While the formal sector—with its larger firms and structured wage jobs—will eventually become Africa’s biggest employer, the majority of people in African countries—nearly 80 percent—work in the informal sector…, often for very low earnings. This sector will continue to employ the majority of young people.

“The informal sector has been historically neglected,” said Louise Fox, co-author of the report, former World Bank Lead Economist and currently Visiting Professor at the University of California at Berkeley. “Young people, including in rural and semi-urban areas, tend to seize opportunities when they can.  The report argues that scaling up support to access those opportunities is essential.”

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