16 January 2013
Alliance of Indian Waste Pickers Law Update
Alliance of Indian Waste Pickers (AIW)
Aralkar, Shailaja.

As a result of the concerted efforts of members of the Alliance of Indian Waste pickers (AIW), the Maharashtra government has formulated a draft law with regard to conservancy workers and door to door waste collectors. To discuss this draft law, a workshop was held on December 20 2012, in which 55 representatives of 11 Maharashtra organisations participated.


The provisions of the draft act were presented to the workshop participants, and the activists and representatives of waste pickers then expressed their opinions on these. The resource persons for this workshop were Poornima Chikarmane, Jyoti Mhapsekar, Lakshmi Narayanan, Milind Arondekar, and advocate Harshad Borde. During the discussion, participants complained about the increasing threat to their jobs by private waste collection companies. AIW waste pickers are now planning a People’s Hearing (Jansunwai) at the Maharashtra state level in February 2013. Participants are being invited from all over the state.


A jury and panel consisting of lawyers, judge, activists, intellectuals, journalists, etc will be convened, and waste pickers from all over Maharashtra will present to them the facts of their lives as they live them, and the threats that they perceive to their livelihoods. The jury and panel will then give their informed opinion on the situation facing waste pickers in the state today.

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