Ratifications of the Home Work Convention (C177)

Home-Based Workers

Ten countries have ratified the Home Work Convention (C177) of 1996, which aims to promote and protect the rights of those who work at home to create products specified by an employer. Recent years saw a resurgence in advocacy and a growth in ratifications. Through concerted efforts, this will continue to grow. Considerable time, energy and resources were spent on campaigning for ratification of C177.

  • Albania (2002)
  • Argentina (2006)
  • Belgium (2012)
  • Bosnia/Herzegovina (2010)
  • Bulgaria (2009)
  • Finland (1998)
  • Ireland (1999)
  • Macedonia (2012)
  • Netherlands (2002)
  • Tajikistan (2012)

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Additional Information

ILO Home Work Convention (C177) policy document