Press Release: MNCR

Why ExpoCatadores 2011 is Being Postponed*

Sao Paulo, October 25, 2011: 

Because of the brutal lobbying by incineration companies all across Brazil, public debates about the implementation of the national waste law and public hearings on the finalized national waste plan taking place in five regions of Brazil, the National Wastepickers’ Movement (Movimento Nacional de Catadores de Materiais Recicláveis) has decided to postpone the third EXPOCATADORES that was set to take place in Sao Paulo next month. MNCR has decided concentrate its energy on mobilizing a national gathering of waste pickers in Brasilia, where we will take our demands to the federal government to guarantee the rights of waste pickers, the protection of the environment and the integrity of the Brazilian population.

We propose to to make November 30 and December 1 the “International Change for Wastepickers’ Meeting.” In this decisive moment for Brazil, we propose to have caravans arriving from all across Brazil, as well as members of the international community, debating the advances and challenges with consolidating the rights won by MNCR. It will also be a time for wastepickers around the world to join forces.

This activity will happen at the same time as the national public hearing that will finalize the national waste plan -- and we need to be following this plan closely in its final moments and organize a public action in Brasilia with the objective of making sure our demands are adopted in the plan.

The meeting will not be without celebration. On June 7, 2011, the MNCR celebrated 10 years in this fight. It will be a time to gather activists and remember this period, as well as publicly launch our internal plan for the next five years of struggle.

Movimento Nacional de Catadores de Materiais Recicláveis - MNCR
The National Waste Pickers’ Movement




* This press release has been translated from the original Portuguese by WIEGO.