PrepCom3: Third Preparatory Committee of the Habitat III Conference

July 25, 2016 - July 27, 2016

Surabaya, Indonesia

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A WIEGO Network delegation made up of informal worker representatives, researchers, organizers and technical support individuals attended PrepCom3, to ensure informal workers' voices would be represented in the forthcoming New Urban Agenda. In preparation for the event, WIEGO worked collaboratively with informal workers organizations to develop a guide for local and nation governments (vea en español) seeking to implement the New Urban Agenda in a participatory and inclusive way.

WIEGO’s goals for the Habitat III process were to create spaces for informal workers and their representative organizations to have their voices heard, to make visible the positive contributions of informal livelihoods to cities, and to advocate for urban policy approaches that would result in greater livelihood security for urban informal workers.

Scenes from PrepCom3

WIEGO had a booth (booth 21) at PrepCom 3 and participated in the following side events:

25 JulyInclusive Cities: Working with the Informal Economy to Deliver on the New Urban Agenda
Date: 25 July, 13:30 - 14:30
Location: Crystal Room 2

26 JulyAchieving Inclusive Cities through Grassroots and Local Government Partnerships
Date: 26 July,  18:30 - 19:30 pm
Location: Crystal Room 1


WIEGO also had a photo exhibit at booth 32, on Urban Livelihoods.

Check out highlights from each day of the WIEGO Network's participation in PrepCom 3:

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