Association Book Diom des Récupérateurs et recycleurs de Mbeubeuss

Commune d'Arrondissement de Malika (DÃpartement de Pikine)
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Waste Pickers
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selling recyclables and compost in the dumpsite. gather metal and paper in their sacks or wheelbarrows, separate in their homes, and then sell to middlemen. People from Cameroon collect all the glass and export it to their country.Some people stockpile recyclables before selling. Everyone sells separately. There are different pits in the dump. Waste that has been there for ten years is collected for compost and a different group of wastepickers sell it.
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Harouna Niassa
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Organization Structure: 
. Presidents are elected every five years, and there are six committee members.
Key Services: 
They currently have a community center (Maison communautaire des recuperateurs et recycleurs de Mbeubeuss; Malika zone of the city, the only health center in the landfill area) that was constructed by an NGO in 1996. The center has a clinic with a doctor and a pharmacist, and they have two nurses at their disposal. They also have a fridge for medicine in the medical center and they recently received funds to build another room for patients and to buy a television
They also have a training center for young people who want to become wastepickers, two meeting rooms, and an office area for the administration with computers and internet
Created in 1968 and currently covering an expanse of more or less one hundred and seventy-five hectares, Mbeubeuss is the only landfill serving the entire city of Dakar. Just north of the city in the Pikine Departement of Malika-Mer, the government gives contracts to trucking companies (Viole is contracted for 20%) to haul 460,000 tons of waste per year to the site. For five or six years the government has been talking about shutting down Mbeumeuss and opening a new site, including a segregation center. The site is planned for a location fifteen kilometers away from the existing dumpsite. The government has proposed that three hundred and fifty wastepickers from the existing estimated 7,040 people living in Mbeumeuss will get jobs at the new recycling center. It has also been proposed that wastepickers will have to pay money to initially become workers in the new center. The proposal is for sorting recyclables at the household level, and then hauling the recyclables to the sorting center. The government will provide member wastepickers a salary for working at the new center.
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