Home-Based Workers

New international labour standard will help protect vulnerable workers from violence and harassment

July 30, 2019

by Leslie Vryenhoek with Karin Pape and Rachel Moussié

The International Labour Conference (ILC) voted in...

Topics: Global Advocacy

Sisterhood: How Solidarity Led Indian Women to Take on Gender Discrimination

March 5, 2019

By Carlin Carr with Avi Majithia

In the Delhi slum of Rajiv Nagar, Nazma rises early — often before her five...

Topics: Organizing

Understanding the statistical term “Dependent Contractor”: A Q&A with Firoza Mehrotra

February 12, 2019

The addition of a new category “dependent contractor” in the status in employment...

Topics: Statistics

In a Thai Cooperative, Home-based Workers Share Business Tips and Work

April 9, 2018

 By Carlin Carr

At a bustling Bangkok market, vendor Aurapin Sakvichit happily greets customers...

Topics: Livelihoods

Lacking access to capital hinders home-based workers’ business opportunities

January 17, 2018

By Carlin Carr

On a quiet lane, Mayuri Suepwong, a member of HomeNet Thailand, is working away in her...

Topics: Economy

Trabajadoras y trabajadores a domicilio de América Latina celebran la puesta en marcha de una nueva organización regional

November 6, 2017

Los y las trabajadoras a domicilio de América Latina han dado un importante paso con la creación de un frente unido...

Topics: Organizing

Latin American Home-based Workers Celebrate Launch of New Regional Organization

October 20, 2017

Latin American home-based workers have taken an important step in creating a unified front to fight for their...

Topics: Organizing

From blood tests to aerobic dance: Training improves workers’ access to new Thai health fund – and their ideas are inspiring

October 16, 2017

Thailand is a global innovator when it comes to health promotion and prevention practices. Its Universal Health...

La protection des travailleuses et des travailleurs à domicile dans les chaînes d'approvisionnement mondiales : évaluation de l'approche fondée sur les droits

Marlese von Broembsen, March 1, 2017

Depuis l'effondrement tragique des bâtiments du Rana Plaza au Bangladesh en 2013, les manquements au travail décent...

Topics: Law

Protección de los y las trabajadoras a domicilio tercerizadas en las cadenas mundiales de suministro: evaluación del enfoque centrado en los derechos

Marlese von Broembsen, February 13, 2017

Desde el trágico colapso, en 2013, de los edificios del Rana Plaza en Bangladés, las deficiencias en el respeto de...

Topics: Law
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