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Eye Witness: WIEGO’s Brazilian Waste Expert Dispatches from India

February 5, 2019

WIEGO’s Exposure Dialogue Programme (EDP) on Law and Informality brought global experts to Ahmedabad, India, to stay...

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Senegal’s Dump Upgrading Doesn’t Have to Displace Waste Pickers

September 30, 2018

The theme of World Habitat Day 2018 is municipal solid waste management and creating “waste wise cities.” In this...

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Can Waste Pickers Help Solve Delhi’s Towering Trash Problem?

Shalini Sinha, August 27, 2018

With Avi Singh Majithia

Delhi’s Qutub Minar, the tallest minaret in the world, rises high above many of...

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Waste has Worth — and So Do the Women Working to Collect It

August 21, 2018
A step-by-step guide to building empowerment among women waste pickers

By Sonia Dias and Ana Carolina Ogando


Planeta Verde: cooperativa colombiana revoluciona la recolección de residuos

July 6, 2018

En celebración del Día Internacional de las Cooperativas, hablamos con Martha Elena Iglesias, recicladora y...

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Planeta Verde: The Colombian Cooperative Revolutionizing Waste Picking

July 6, 2018

In celebration of International Cooperatives Day, we speak with Martha Elena Iglesias, a waste picker and the leader...

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Audio: How Bangalore’s itinerant waste pickers transformed into “robust entrepreneurs”

June 5, 2018

WIEGO has a unique organizational structure — we are a network of membership-based organizations, researchers, and...

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Como uma Cidade Brasileira Usou o Teatro e a Música para Popularizar a Reciclagem - e os trabalhadores pobres por trás dessa atividade

April 27, 2018

Por Carlin Carr

O Brasil tem sido um pioneiro global quando se trata da integração dos catadores de materiais...

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Cómo una ciudad de Brasil ha utilizado el teatro y la canción para popularizar el reciclaje, y a los trabajadores y trabajadoras pobres que lo realizan

April 25, 2018

Por Carlin Carr

Brasil ha sido pionero mundial en lo relativo a la integración de los recicladores y...

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Le théâtre et la chanson au service du recyclage : comment une ville brésilienne s’est y prise pour rendre populaire le recyclage et les travailleurs pauvres qui le réalisent

April 25, 2018

Par Carlin Carr

Lorsqu’il s’agit d’intégrer les récupérateurs et récupératrices de matériaux dans les...

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