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Mexico City’s Waste Pickers Gain Support of City’s Human Rights Commission

Tania Espinosa Sánchez, December 7, 2016

In August 2016, Mexico City's Commission on Human Rights (CDHDF) issued the first-ever recommendation on waste...

Five Case Studies that Illustrate Steps Toward an Inclusive City

Rhonda Douglas, October 28, 2016

Creating “inclusive cities” is a hot topic right now. Habitat III has just wound up in Quito, Ecuador – the UN’s...

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Child care for women informal workers proves essential to earning power

August 31, 2016

By Rachel Moussie

Women’s economic empowerment is a central feature of development debates today. A key focus...

Achieving decent employment for all requires improving workers’ homes and livelihoods

August 29, 2016

By Mike Rogan & Victoria Okoye

WIEGO and Slum Dwellers International (SDI) are co-chairs of the...

Topics: Livelihoods

¿Reciclaje inclusivo con recicladoras y recicladores en Medellín?

July 21, 2016

Por Federico Parra y Olga Abizaid

Recientemente, Medellín ha sido alabada como una ciudad modelo en materia...

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Inclusive recycling with waste pickers in Medellin?

July 21, 2016

By Federico Parra & Olga Abizaid

Medellin has recently been touted as a poster city for urban development...

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La visibilidad importa: nuevas publicaciones enlazan género y problemas del reciclaje

April 12, 2016

Por Sonia Dias y Ana Carolina Ogando

Aunque hay estudios académicos que se centran cada vez más en el...

Topics: Organizing

Visibility Matters: New Publications Bridge Gender and Waste Issues

March 3, 2016

By Sonia Dias and Ana Carolina Ogando

While academic studies increasingly focus on waste picking and...

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Un nuevo estudio de investigación da voz a los recicladores y las recicladoras

Sonia Dias, February 29, 2016

A menudo se ignora el hecho de que los recicladores y las recicladoras son capaces de expresar sus preocupaciones,...

Topics: Livelihoods

A New Research Study Gives Voice to Waste Pickers

Sonia Dias, February 25, 2016

The fact that waste pickers are capable of voicing their concerns, responding to challenges, and contributing to...

Topics: Livelihoods
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