Sub-Saharan Africa

For Cities to Make Progress on SDGs and the New Urban Agenda, They Must Listen to Grassroots’ Solutions

July 10, 2019

By Jenna Harvey

Through a series of ambitious global commitments in recent years, governments across the...

Topics: Cities

Five Must-reads on Including Street Vendors in Public Spaces

June 4, 2019

Street vendors are facing unprecedented challenges in cities across the globe, despite global development goals...

Topics: Global Advocacy

Alimentar a las ciudades: el comercio informal juega un papel crucial en la seguridad alimentaria de las ciudades

May 15, 2019

En el Sur Global, los supermercados han proliferado con rapidez, pero ¿qué implicaciones conlleva esta expansión...

Topics: Economy

Q&A: Feeding cities: Informal retailers play crucial role in urban food security

May 15, 2019

Supermarkets have spread rapidly across the Global South, but what implications does this growth have on informal...

Topics: Economy

Where are the inclusive cities? Street vendors globally face increasing hostility

May 7, 2019

The WIEGO Urban Policies Team analyzed news articles on street vendors from six continents over the past 18 months...

Topics: Global Advocacy

¿Dónde están las ciudades inclusivas? Vendedores y vendedoras ambulantes en todo el mundo se enfrentan a hostilidades crecientes

April 28, 2019

El equipo de Políticas Urbanas de WIEGO analizó en los últimos 18 meses nuevos artículos sobre venta ambulante en...

Topics: Global Advocacy

Women Informal Workers Challenge Invisibility in Dakar

March 21, 2019

By Ana Carolina Ogando and Carlin Carr with Adama Soumare, Maguette Diop and Jenna Harvey

In Dakar, Senegal,...

Topics: Organizing

Invisibilité à Dakar : les travailleuses de l’économie informelle s’affirment contre

March 21, 2019

Par Ana Carolina Ogando et Carlin Carr en collaboration avec Adama Soumare, Maguette Diop et Jenna Harvey


Topics: Organizing

Cities are undermining the potential of universal cash grants to support women’s economic empowerment and reduce poverty

March 11, 2019

Laura Alfers & Rachel Moussié

Ninety-two per cent of women’s employment in the developing world is in the...

Topics: Livelihoods

L’égalité des sexes : les travailleuses pauvres redéfinissent la voie à suivre

March 8, 2019

En cette Journée internationale de la femme, WIEGO lance une série d’un mois sur la vie des femmes travailleuses de...

Topics: Organizing
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